Boy how time flies when you are having fun!  It is almost fall and I have not blogged all summer, shame on me.  I wanted to start this discussion in which I plan on continuing in the future about shorelines and what we can do about helping out our lakes and streams.  

What is "native"... just kidding we will get into that when I have a few more hours to discuss!  Native shorelines do not need to be something that is messy, unkept, or looks weedy.  It can be a beautiful extension of the exiting formal plantings.  It can be understood and still serve a purpose.  A publication that I would love to call reference to is "The Lake Minnetonka Guide To Shoreline Gardens".  This was written very recently by two excellent landscape architects that I have been honored to work with on several occasions and actually some of our project are shown in the publication.  This book can be purchased on amazon following this LINK.  In this book Michael and Samuel show how to tackle the shores of lake Minnetonka as well as Minnehaha Creek in not only beautiful ways but most importantly... practical ways!  (To Be Cont.)