Although it is 60+ degrees out and the lazy dog walkers are finally giving their dog a walk for the first time in 4 months, is it spring yet?  After a quick exploration in my backyard, I determined that the frost is going but not quite yet!  I found the cold hard soil about 12" down which is pretty good for this time of the year.  But with the light snow cover and the extremely cold temperatures in January and February you can be sure that that ice is nearing 48" down there.  I was talking with a man at a rental place that said a grave digger game in to rent a breaker for the front of a skid seat because there was soo much ice... a bit morbid of an example but you get my drift.  We are certainly anxious here at Nelco Landscaping to get starting on the 2015 season but I find it best to be patient at a time like this.  Without that ice completely out of the ground the chance of structural failure is almost certain in a landscaping install.  Not to mention putting a 6200 lb machine on soaking wet ground never impresses any client!   So if you are waiting to begin you project be patient with us as it will be worth your while.  

Fear not there is still things to be done!   Now is the perfect time to get those gardens cleaned up before the growing season.  We are most likely going to have plenty of cold days and nights that are sure to be below freezing but we can get those perennials cut down and leaves raked up in the meantime to past the time.  Lawns could get some attention as well from simply raking to a good dethatching.  Although you may want to consult a lawn guy for that, but please don't let them talk you into chemicals!  

But mostly enjoy your spring and the beautiful season that is.  We live in Minnesota for many reasons and this is certainly one of them.