Brian  founded Nelco Landscaping in 2005 as a design and build firm specializing in
residential landscaping.  When Nelco Landscaping began the focus was mainly on hardscapes such as natural walls, block walls, patios and walks.  But as Brian gained experience and knowledge in the field, expansion of the focused lense was inevitable.  

He was born and raised in St. Paul, MN and went to the University of Minnesota-Duluth campus to begin his college career as a Mechanical Engineering student.  After beginning work with a local contractor in the fields of construction and landscaping, Brian quickly realized his true passion.  He left the Duluth campus and went to the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus where he graduated
with a Bachelors degree in Landscape Architecture specializing in design. 

The design emphasis was a easy transition for Brian as he had been drawing his entire life.  His grandmother influenced his skills as she is a novice painter and artist herself.  He also was exposed early in his childhood to horticulture as his grandfather was a forestry major and experimented in nurseries which surrounded Brian's upbringing.  

The educational backgrounds and influences that he has received has encouraged him to create unique and sustainable outdoor spaces that will far exceed our clients wishes.